You is my best friend, more like a resist, anywhere you aw go, i go be right there. this is my tank, for all the memories we jamming on the road. Jump around, wining to the ground like. hope you remember to the end of the earth, don’t ever forget me. so that waist line is unforgettable. that love is unforgettable. You sexy woman, Filippo find himself and taking a advantage of it. so the Bose, font jam me hard. searching for the best of me just to get away from the bacchanal and all the none sense the world dos not have to offer me. i know better than, the only person that can bring happy to my life is myself and myself only. sometimes i just want to get away from all the bullshit and all the none the world have to offer. once human being are in this world expect anything. we are the best at times and the worst sometimes. the way things are getting it seems life is what you make it and sometimes what you don’t make it. watching a falling soldier the last times i came here was not easy for me to do. i was living in the barracks for a long time. i love my fellow soldiers, they have my back no matter where we go, no matter what we do life is grand and all the best thing is the almost foremost what we love. hope everyone is making the best out of every situation that is presented to them. don’t be shy and they go talk, i don’t know bout you me and a woman dancing to a fro-sock. you know am not sofa. you know and i are the only ones to make things happen. we are the only ones we can depend on from life to death. life belongs to us. nobody else. i promise myself, life is going to be mine and it belong to me. so what if you don’t acknowledge me, so what if you dont now who i am. most important thing is i know who i am. i know what i can and cannot do. i don’t let you tell me what i can and cannot do. its time we stop asking for permission and give ourselves permission to move forward in our lives. people need answers, and i think i have the answer. Stop expecting and start accepting, without settling. what are you waiting for? what are you working? you take your last dime and give away to the mall, to buy something that will only rotten, depreciate or just die. we need to know where to put our money, our money is whats going to save us. not man, not human being. we need to know what we are about, do not let anyone tell you what you are about. life is about interacting with the most high. that’s why i love him so much he was a force that brought two parties together under one roof. Yes he did, Marley Nester Bob did that.