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New! - Adsense Business in a Box

AdSense Business In-a-Box is a PDF file containing information on a collection of a whopping 155 AdSense ready web sites, complete with multiple articles for each web site, keywords and each site is already optimized so that you can start making an AdSense income immediately!


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Welcome to BuyPHPScripts.com!

Welcome to our newly launched website! Here webmasters will find various PHP scripts they can purchase at ridiculously low prices, which they can use to enhance their websites.

Our aim is to purchase the latest useful PHP scripts, with resell rights and redistribute these scripts to webmasters at a fraction of the price it is available on the market. This makes our service the most cost-effective service on the Internet!

Now webmasters can afford to build quality websites legally! Please feel free to browse through our available products and we hope to have you as our customer soon!

Quality SQL Databases for Webmasters
Restaurants Database
A database with 291,000 restaurants all over the USA.
Jokes Database
A large database of over 9,600 jokes.
Blogs Database
This database contains more than 54.000 blogs listed!.
RSS FEEDS Database
With this database you will have more than 29,000 feeds.
Quotes Database
This database consists of 17,000+ famous quotes.
Lyrics Database
This database consists of over 183,000 lyrics!
Recipes Database
This database holds over 22,000 complete recipes.
Ethnic Recipes Database
This database contains more than 4,100 ethnic recipes.
eZine Sites Database
This database contains over 7,200 database entries.
Drink Recipes Database
This database contains over 8,300 database entries.
Baby Names Database
database dump file contains over 9800 baby names.

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Opening Special!!!

Celebrating the opening of our website on the 27th of February 2007 we offer visitors all our latest scripts at an unbelievable $5! That is right! You will get all 12 scripts at $5 - saving you $13! This special is only available for one week, so jump to buy this unbeatable package!

Brand New! - The Scratch Card Generator

Utilize Scratch Cards - One of the Most Effective, Profitable and Proven Methods of Promotion that People Absolutely Love!


You can generate your own scratch cards in minutes at an unbelievable $2 for this great piece of software!